Block Propagation and Confirmation Times

The charts show block propagation and confirmation times. This node creates a send block and measures the time it takes until the block is confirmed on another node in the network. The measurement is very similar to how works, but instead of user activation, a block is sent periodically every 5 minutes.

Latest Measurements (24h)

Median: 0.42 s, Average: 0.43 s, Min: 0.22 s, Max: 1.11 s


The chart shows percentiles over block propagation and confirmation times per day. For example, 50% of the times are below the 50th percentile (p50) - which is also called median. The percentiles for each day is computed over 288 data points (12*24=288).

Technical Information

The measurement is implemented using a script that runs every 5 minutes and that sends a block using the RPC command send. The confirmation time is measured using James Coxon's Nano Callback System, from which a callback is sent from his node (in UK) back to this node (in Germany) when the block is confirmed.